Welcome to CREDO’s documentation!

This documentation describes the CREDO scientific benchmarking, testing, profiling and analysis toolkit. It comprises several sections, outlined below, for different purposes.

For users of CREDO: we suggest you start by reading the Introduction to CREDO section, then the Installation & setup quickstart instructions section to get up and running, followed by running through several of the Examples of how to use CREDO. The examples should be self-explanatory, but if you’re not familiar with the Python programming and scripting language, you might like to check out the Links to useful Python info, such as tutorials section.

CREDO is currently being used as the Testing and workflow support tool of the Underworld Geodynamics modelling project:- the manual of which is available online.

For developers of CREDO:, you’ll likely want to jump straight to the CREDO Python Source API Documentation, informed by the overall description in Core CREDO Architecture.


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